Brigand Six: An Unflankable Story

Chapter 5: Orc Chops

Our heroes set out in the morning to visit Mossington, the halfling village near where the orcs were last seen. In the evening, the heroes stop a mile or so away when they discover halfling corpses filled with large arrows. There is also a blood trail leading further down the road towards Mossington. They also spot a nearby owlbear den complete with footprints of different sizes. They decide to continue on to the village before waking any predators.

As they near the city, they hide their wagon and sneak to the treeline. There are more halfling corpses in the streets, along with a few orcs meandering about. Unsure of how many foes they're dealing with, the heroes decide to attack. Arradon fires an arrow into the neck of one of the orcs. The orc is quickly felled by a javelin from Othfir. Arradon marks a second orc with an arrow and Geandur follows suit with HIS javelin, slaying the creature.

Seeing their fallen comrades, two more orcs begin approaching the trees to find their attackers. One strolls right into Othfir who slams his hammer into the orc's privates. Geandur puts him out of his misery with an axe to the face. More orcs begin to come from the alleyways to investigate the commotion. Seraphina casts a magical sleep upon them, one falling on his face and a second stumbling drowsily. Othfir slides out of the underbrush and swings an uppercut into the face of one of the nearby orcs, adding to the body count. The only orc fully awake dashes away back down the alley.

A second commotion is heard from another direction of the village. Orcish shouts and the barking of worgs echo through the empty streets. The drowsy orc stumbles towards the heroes, but Geandur chops him in half. Arradon makes quick work of the sleeping orc by slashing his throat. With no remaining orcs in sight, the heroes move to one of the nearby alleyways.

The sound of worgs begins to get closer and Seraphina conjurs a second song to accompany them. The trumpeting of elephants bursts from the darkness and the worg barks turn to frightened whines. Down the main road, the pack of worgs hurtle into a group of orcs entering the street from another alleyway. Moments later, only three worgs remain in the street, along with six orcs, picking themselves up off the ground.

Seraphina moves to the edge of the street and conjures a blast of thunder, knocking over several orcs and two of the worgs. One worg runs off into the night, but one of the orcs spots Seraphina. Morningstar had remained near their original location and sees the orc making its way towards the Aasimar. He hits it with an arrow, but it only slows a bit. The orc slashes at Seraphina, but she is still able to shock the life from her attacker before he can do any more damage.

Orcs and worgs clash with our heroes. Arrows pierce the necks of orcs, an orc arm flies through the air, and Arradon receives a nasty bite from a worg. A guiding bolt, a frost ray, and several slashes and thwomps later, and our heroes stand before their massacre. Unfortunately for them, they hear more orcs approaching – and this group sounds a lot bigger than those they've faced thus far.



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