Brigand Six: An Unflankable Story

Chapter 4: Mountain Interlude

Our heroes awaken from their morning nap and enjoy lunch with Razmas. The plucky wizard gives Othfir a fist-sized orb and explains that it is a prototype for a jelly grenade. He explains how it works and asks Othfir to test it on their travels. He also gives Seraphina a vial of myconid spores. She accepts the gift gratefully, though isn't sure of its purpose.

The heroes are soon on their way back to Orphael's Crescent. Passing the spot where they killed Bogg, they find that something has made a meal of the dead orc's flesh. They care not and continue through the evening on their pixie-free journey. They reach the mountain in the dead of night. Despite the late hour, there is still activity both inside and outside the mountain. Many elves are perched all over the side of the mountain, bows drawn. Dwarves with giant armored boars are positioned at the entrance, and the heroes receive a security sniff-down before they are permitted to enter.

The inside is filled with just as much activity. Dwarves and gnomes discuss renovations, while more boars roam around sniffing. Two of the tieflings from Namas' entourage are speaking with some elves. Rather than directly call out the tieflings, the heroes decide to split up. Morningstar decides to head to their quarters to stare wistfully into the night. Geandur, Othfir, and Arradon visit with the dwarven councilmembers, and Seraphina makes her way to the gnomish council chambers.
Geandur, Othfir, and Arradon share the orcs' plan with Bruin and Vlad. They mention the mysterious tiefling plagueomancer and some suspicions of Namas and his tieflings. Vlad pours them all a nightcap while Bruin considers the tieflings' potential role in the assassination attempts. Geandur questions Bruin's distrust of the tieflings and why they're not allowed on the council. Bruin gives a confident, but rather shoddy, explanation of how it's not the right time and that a tiefling presence would cast the council in a negative light.
Meanwhile, Seraphina has met Wyntella Grode, one of the gnomish councilmembers. She has long curly hair tinged with blue and finishes a letter before offering a seat to her visitor. The two have a rather pleasant talk about the gnomes' inclusion on the council, the new security measures, the psychological scars of battle, and the reputation of tieflings. Wyntella does not share the distrust of the tieflings like most of the rest of the council. She hopes that the involvement of the tiefling plagueomancer doesn't hurt the chance to get tieflings on the council. She also talks about the development of an anti-magic gate to install at the entrance of the mountain. Seraphina shares her concerns, not all magic is harmful in nature and is in fact used for protection. Wyntella notes this appreciatively.

The heroes eventually turn in for the night after receiving a hefty sum for their visit to Razmus. They plan to head to Mossington the next day to investigate the talks of nearby orcs there. Othfir and Arradon speak to elves perched outside their window before turning to slumber.



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