Brigand Six: An Unflankable Story

Chapter 18: Killin' Kobolds, Pt. 2

As the newly birthed slaadpole wriggles around on the ground, Morningstar Nightingale swats at it with his morningstar, Nightingale. He backs up just in time as the slaadpole launches itself into the air and locks its jaws onto the neck of the nearest kobold, who stumbles back into his tent. Meanwhile, Quinn hears a voice in his head, offering treasure in exchange for a means of escape. Quinn deduces that the panther with the gem embedded skull is the source of the voice. The promise of treasure is enough for the thief and he picks the lock. The displacer beast immediately bounds out of the cage and into the darkness of the trees.

The fat kobold reaches into his vest, removing a jar and hurling it at Othfir and Artho. As the jar shatters on the ground, Othfir hops out of the way; but Artho and a nearby kobold find themselves secured to the ground as thick moss grows up around their feet. Othfir charges towards the kobold mixmaster, his fury club steaming. The raging dwarf sweeps the kobold's legs out from under him and follows up with a fatal blow to its head. The winged kobold tries to drop a head-sized stone on Arradon, but the elf takes a quick step out of the way and retaliates with an arrow to the creature's gut. Seraphina, who remembers that slaad gestation period is three months, calms down enough to blast the flying kobold out of the air with a barrage of magic missiles. The corpse drops to the ground leaving a trail of smoke in the air.

While the red slaad continues to burn, the newly awakened ogre wrenches the bars from his prison with one tug and stumbles out into the battle angrily. The kobold's numbers have dropped to three, one still deep in slumber, and they decide retreat might just be the way to go. One makes it out of the camp, but the other falls out of the tree it was in. Othfir finishes it off with an explosion of kobold parts. Geandur approaches the ogre and yells at it to be cool and help them out. The ogre instead begins stomping on the campfire.

Quinn is caught off guard when the displacer beast appears and pounces on him. Instead of ripping out his throat, it drops a small stone slab on his chest and bounds off into the woods. While the ogre moves on to one of the tents, Geandur engages in a magically-enabled conversation with the imprisoned snake. The barbarian makes a deal with the serpent and lets him out to feed on the kobold corpses. Then the looting begins.

Othfir raids the vest of the kobold jarmaster, finding one broken jar and four intact ones filled with various concoctions. Seraphina finds a pair of magical boots of the winterlands, a periapt of wound closure, and two identical wooden Githyanki sculptures. Quinn discovers that his stone is an Ioun stone of awareness. Arradon finds a box filled with beads and two rings. One ring is determined to be a ring of water-walking. The other feels oddly warm. Arradon puts the rings on, but when holding his hand near the burning coals, he feels the urge to snatch one up. He burns his hand and the ring's gem cracks. To be safe, the elf takes it back off.

Finally, the heroes gather back to the caravan where Calsius tends to Artho's wounds. To Seraphina's immense relief, Morningstar casts a spell to remove any disease on her. With combat behind them and loot in their pockets, the crew is back on their way to Moroth.



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